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We create native AR experiences, leveraging all the AR platform benefits to best serve your brand.

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We strive to always push the limits of the AR medium for awe inspiring experiences.

AR Marketing

We help you to form strategies using our interactive AR effects and promoting them on digital channels.

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Thai Textile Exhibition:

AR activities In cooperation with the Thai Ministry of Culture and Foreign Affairs to organize a program of cultural events in 3 cities in Japan on the theme of “Future of Thai Texile”.
8 AR interactive experiences in Tokyo, Fukuoka and Osaka.

Snap Partner Summit:

In partnership with Alchemy Immersive.

Sue is the largest T-Rex skeleton in the world on display at the Field museum in Chicago.
To showcase Snapchat new custom landmark feature during their 2022 partner summit we created this lens that detects the real worl skeleton and brings it to life for an instant.